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Competitiveness Report


The purpose of the Competitiveness Report is to provide a comprehensive and objective picture of those dimensions of Hungary’s competitiveness that usually are given less attention in the Bank’s traditional macroeconomic analyses, although they are determinants in terms of economic developments. The Magyar Nemzeti Bank published the book entitled ‘Competitiveness and Growth’ in 2016 in order to analyse the changes in Hungary’s competitiveness and to explore the possibilities of further progress. In addition, the MNB considered it necessary to prepare a regular, thematic report, which examines and evaluates Hungary’s competitiveness position along the principles and proposals laid down in the book. 

Competitiveness means the level of all the factors that determine the long-term performance of the economy, including, inter alia, productivity, the quantity and quality of human resources, technical progress, the regulatory environment, entrepreneurial attitude and financing possibilities. Similar to surveys that analyse competitiveness in international comparison, the Report examines various dimensions, but in addition to numerical results it also contains their analysis and evaluation (with comparisons over time and on an international scale). For the sake of accuracy, more than 90 per cent of the data used are based on actual statistics.


Published by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 9.
Publisher in charge: Eszter Hergár
Editor: Gergely Baksay
ISSN 2560-2675 (Print)
ISSN 2560-2683 (Online)

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